Frownies History in Hollywood

Raquel Welch, a beautiful 69 year old Hollywood star, was interviewed by Piers Morgan on UK ITV show (November 2015) during which she demonstrated using Frowines Facial Patches as her beauty secret.

She also was also interviewed by Valerie Bertinelli on the Joy Behar show. Raquel Welch said that she uses Frownies to keep the elevens between the eyes under control. What other stars use Frownies and we just don’t know? They were after all called "Hollywood's Beauty Secret".
One more star lets the secret out. Today we all assume they use Botox if there are no lines but many women won't touch it and others just have not learned about Frownies.
Joy Behar Show-March 31, 2010

The View is an American talk show broadcast on American Broadcasting Company as part of ABC Daytime. The View created by Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, features a panel of women as co-hosts. Frownies were seen on the View when Eve Pearl, View Crew Makeup Artist and make-up artist for Sex In the City brought Frownies anti-aging patch on the show. Eve said: " Frownies are Hollywood's biggest secret. It's kind of like the natural Botox...You wet it, use the adhesive, and you stick it on those little areas where you have frowns...And basically when you sleep with this, it rejuvenates the muscles in your skin, and it gets rid of those lines...You do it while you're vacuuming, when you're sleeping...They do work, they really work." -Eve Pearl, View Crew Makeup Artist. - The View on ABC, October 22, 2004

Featured FROWNIES Beauty Secret on the front page of the business section were quoted as saying: “Women who balk at spending thousands of dollars a year to inject toxins into their faces may be prime fodder for Frownies, which are just pieces of paper coated with a vegetable-based adhesive that when moistened adhere to the face and mechanically coax the muscles back into shape.” Frownies wrinkle treatment has been called a Botox™ alternative and at $19.95 is a much more affordable alternative as well.

“…women are looking for a natural alternative to Botox™ and surgery to change the appearance of their faces. Botox is also expensive, costing on average $1,000 ($540) a treatment, and it needs to be topped up every few months. Frownies, on the other hand, cost under $20 for a box of 144 and, according to the company, can change the look of wrinkles after just one day. Customers can use only one or a strip of Frownies across the lines they want to banish. The product's success has rejuvenated the company.” - March 2004

Frownies overnight patches were worn in these feature films

Sunset Boulevard, 1950
Paramount Studios
Cocoon, 1985
Twentieth Century Fox
Death Becomes Her, 1993
Universal City
Mars Attach, 1996
Time Warner Entertainment

Sunset Boulevard
This classic, tragic film was highly-regarded at its time, honored with eleven Academy Award nominations and the recipient of three Oscars: Best Story and Screenplay. The major starring role in the film, was held by legendary silent film diva Gloria Swanson and co stare William Holden. In the film Gloria Swanson is seen getting ready for a close up wearing FROWNIES wrinkle reducing patches. As she removes the FROWNIES WRINKEL CURE She says “I am ready for my close up now” Using this line the “Best close up” award has been given a film festivals across the US.

Three simple, aging senior citizens like to swim in an unguarded swimming pool next door from the old folks home they live in. So one day when they go swimming, they feel energized and "ready to take on the world!" Gwen Verdon is seen in this film wearing FROWNIES ANTI-AGING PATCH to regain her youthful appearance to go along with the feeling of youth she is experiencing.

Death Becomes Her 
Helen together with the now alcoholic and downtrodden Ernest plots a plan to kill Madeline. However, due to Madeline (Played by Meryl Strep) having taken an elixir that gives her eternal life just killing her won't suffice. Meryl Strep is seen in the film wearing FROWNIES ANTI-AGING PATCH to regain a youthful appearance.

Mars Attacks 
The Earth is invaded by Martians with irresistible weapons and a cruel sense of humor Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close star in this award winning motion picture. Glen Close is the wife of the president and can be seen with FROWNIES ANTI-WRINKLE Patch on her face when she sits up in bed as the secret service announces “Mars is attacking the US” 

Frownies were written about in these beauty publications

Pageant (1946)
The 5 Principles of Ageless Living (2003)
Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques (2003)
Ooh la la! Perfect Face. (2004)
Raquel, Beyond the Cleavage. (2010)

Pageant was a 20th-century monthly magazine first publisher in the United States in 1936. Pageant was a general interest digest published from October 13, 1936 to March 1971 and ran for 299 issues. The magazine’s leading competition, Reader's Digest. September 1946 FROWNIES ANTI WRINKLE SYSTEM was featured in a three page article. Worry and vanity were the discussion of the day. "Worry is the secret of their success(Frownies)...Perhaps it is because they realize that worry and vanity, the foundation stones of the B & P, Co., are here to stay."

The 5 Principles of Ageless Living
The 5 Principles of Ageless Living A Woman's Guide to Lifelong Health, Beauty, and Well-Being
by Dayle Haddon, model; L'Oreal spokesperson; beauty and wellness expert on CBS's The Early Show In her book recommends using Frownies wrinkle remover patches to train yourself not to frown.

Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques
Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques 
by Eve Pearl, three-time Emmy Award winner; makeup artist for ABC's The View Recommends Frownies

Ooh la la! Perfect Face
Ooh la la! Perfect Face. 
by Susie Galvez; leading consultant in the spa industry; spa owner; expert makeup artist; esthetician give Frownies wrinkle treatment a mention to prepare the skin to look its best.

Beyond the Cleavage
An autobiography, personal philosophy and practical advice guide for women of all ages by Raquel Welch. Raquel shares on page 102 - 104 the the effective wrinkle reducing method of Frownies. She tells the world how Frownies Patches have helped her have wrinkle free beautiful skin.

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