50 ways to look younger

Stick these little sticky plasters on the bits of your face that are most creased – the forehead, or around the side of the eyes – overnight, and by encouraging the muscles to relax, they can have a remarkable, and natural, effect on smoothing the face and they're inexpensive. Actress Rene Russo and model Marie Helvin are big fans.  

The Telegraph Jan 2017

How can I stop my frown lines from getting worse?

We recommend a favourite product called Frownies , now a century old. These facial patches were developed especially to soften wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes.

Dailymail  Jan 2015

Want silky skin? Plaster your face with patches

Frownies Facial Patches help change the shape of the muscle under the patch. By holding the muscle flat and relaxed while you sleep the body can reverse muscle memory, keeping you from frowning while you sleep.  5/5 rating

Dailymail.co.uk  Aug 2014

Give yourself a facelift -

You can also buy specially formulated 'frown patches' to wear at night called Frownies at frownies.co.uk

Dailymail.co.uk  April 2016

Fighting wrinkles from the inside

A useful sticking plaster comes in the shape of Frownies, those overnight stick-on papers that Thirties Hollywood movie stars used to reduce their frown lines, and that work surprisingly well.

Daily Telegraph  April 2014

New overnight products can help you wake up gorgeous

And to iron out your wrinkles, you could try the well-trodden route of wearing Frownies while you sleep. Frownies are small, brown-paper plasters that you apply over the bits of your face prone to wrinkling to keep them smooth overnight.

Dailymail Aug 2012

And to iron out your wrinkles, you could try the well-trodden route of wearing Frownies while you sleep.
Aug 2012
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Editors Verdict, 5* award.
These patches are easy to use, and to remove. I love these, I believe they work, they certainly make me stop frowning.
Aug 2012
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Frownies Under Eye Patches : These little beauties boost the micro-circulation of the under eye skin and can help rebuild collagen and reduce the appearance of fine lines. They are also the perfect weapon against dark circles.
Nov 2011

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Stella editor comments : Frownies facial patches still work a treat. Used on my forehead overnight my frown lines are dramatically reduced by the morning.
Telegraph.co.uk Stella Magazine

April 2012
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Stick these patches on before bed for a non-invasive way to banish wrinkles.
Oct 2011
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Pop on these Frownies anti-aging pads while you sleep : they guarantee wrinkle reduction in just 30 days.
Aug 2011
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once applied to your forehead they iron out creases without a scary needle in sight. Like a gym session for your face, their pulling action strengthens the slack muscles below the skin that causes line and wrinkles, so your face looks younger..
Aug 2011
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...these simple but effective little patches know as Frownies have been around for more than 100 years and contemporary fans- including Raquel Welch : reckon they are an alternative to BOTOX.
Oct 2010
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Not keen on BOTOX? Try Frownies.
Oct 2010
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These brown paper facial patches are legendary in the beauty business. They aim to retrain your muscles so you stop frowning.
Sept 2010
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GMTV’s Emma Crosby…They are face pads that you wear overnight..
Aug 2010
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Raquel Welch became one of the leading sex symbols of the 1960s and 1970s. Her most memorable publicity still for One Million Years B.C. became a bestselling poster. Playboy called her the "Most Desired Woman" of the 1970s. Currently 69 years of age Raquel still retains the looks of someone much younger. Raquel launched her new book Beyond the Clevage on the Joy Behar show USA CNN. Raquel discussed her life and how beauty and the beautiful woman image effected her. She also confessed using Frownies patch to control the elevens between her eyes. - Joy Behar Show on USA CNN.
31st March 2010.

Stick these little sticky plasters on the bits of your face that are most creased; the forehead, or around the side of the eyes; overnight, and by encouraging the muscles to relax, they can have a remarkable, and natural, effect on smoothing the face and they are inexpensive at 18.50 for a box of 144. Actress Rene Russo and model Marie Helvin are big fans.
Telegraph Jan 2010


Marie Helvin’s guide to looking good in your 50s
The Marks & Spencer model, who continues to bare her legs and wash her face with soap and water only, shares her secrets :-Frownies - You place them on your frown lines and they train your muscles not to tense. I swear by them. I have a very high forehead, so Botox would make me look like an alien.
The Times May 2009


Sunday Magazine
Frownies Overnight Solution. A favourite with Hollywood actress Rene Russo, Frownies will help relax facial lines permanently.
Sunday - News of the World Jan 08
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cosmopolitan news for frownies
Way before Botox, Hollywood’s screen goddesses used Frownies Facial Pads to pull skin taut and keep expression lines in check.
January 2008
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Wear Frownies, which claim to reduce frowning while you sleep.
April 2007


DON'T lose sleep over wrinkles. Frownies facial pads smooth out wrinkles caused by sunbathing, laughing and frowning while you snooze. Stick the pads to problem areas before you go to bed and overnight they'll smooth out your facial muscles so skin cells can reposition themselves and your wrinkles soften.
Daily Mirror March 2006


'Plasters that get rid of your wrinkles' That's right - and whats more, they work. Before going to bed, put the triangular stickers on your furrowed areas and overnight they'll train your facialmuscles to regain their strength and tone.
April 2006


take a break
Users say that within 2-3 weeks they can see an improvement in the appearance of facial lines.
April 2006


'They work by physically holding the creases apart while you sleep allowing the skin cells to reposition themseleves. The results do far have been very impressive indeed.
April 2006


Hollywood's biggest anti-ageing secret is now available in the UK. Frownies, £18.50, are stick-on facial pads that reduce lines and wrinkles naturally by training the facial muscles to regain the strength and tone they've lost. For best results regular application is essential
Best, November 2005


Frownies Best All Rounder product award  Our testers were delighted with the results, they're not expensive and definitely work.
Womans Weekly, July 2005


Frownies date back to 1899 and are said to have been the beauty secret of a host of celebs. Along with countless beauty queens, models and make-up artists. I saw an astonishing result after just one night.
Woman, June 2005


"The latest way to get rid of wrinkles is to use a product created more than 100 years ago. Move over BOTOX. These days Americans who are serious about keeping their skin looking young are using Frownies. Frownies have being a fairly well kept beauty secret for years, until actress Rene Russo told Americas good housekeeping magazine that she used Frownies to smooth out the creases in her forehead. Many women are looking for a natural alternative to Botox and surgery to change their appearance of their faces. BOTOX is expensive; Frownies cost under 20 for a box of 144 pads."


"A current favourite instant wrinkle remedy is Frownies, Sleep in these gummed paper triangles, which smooth out frown lines by preventing the skin from moving, and you'll wake up crease-free."
VOGUE Beauty May 2005


"These stick-ons help pull skin taut so that your wrinkles will look a little smoother over time. Put them on before you go to bed (or, as some fans do, a few hours before a special event), and you'll emerge with fewer lines on your face."
Good Housekeeping, USA edition May 2005


"Tiny sticky plasters with a big celebrity following including Glen Close and Renee Russo. Stick over frown-lines to 're-educate' the muscles.
Daily Telegraph April 2005


"I was amazed to see my 'laughter lines' almost completely gone. Seriously, it was like staring back at my 17-year old face again. They're a great little trick to have up your sleeve for fast results".
Seven Days Nottingham April 2005


" Frownies have been a Hollywood secret' for years, Renee Russo is said to be a devotee. Frownies are dermatogically tested and made from natural materials., so they shouldn't irritate the skin.
Now Jan 2005

"So now your skin is looking great -what about those wrinkles? Enter Frownies. The idea is that they re-educate the lines and muscles in your face to stay in place and not crease into wrinkles.
Saga Angela Rippon Jan 2005


"The good news is that after using Frownies for just one week, I did notice a difference. My forehead is much smoother now."
Daily Mail, Nov 2004


The Botox Patch, Hollywood Secret that keeps wrinkles at bay. Pain-free wrinkle removal patches have been Hollywood's best kept secret for more than 100 years- and finally they've arrived here.
Daily Mirror Oct 2004

rejuvinate with frownies
Frownies allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger relaxed looking skin. You can expect to see a distinct improvement within a few weeks.
Autumn 2007


in the know
Touted as Hollywood’s best-kept beauty secret, with Rene Russo reputed to be a devotee. Used as night for 30 days it’s claimed frown lines will slowly fade away.
March 2007


Move over BOTOX® a one-hundred-year-old pain free way to remove wrinkles is now providing a solution for both men & women who want to banish furrows on their skin??
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