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Immune Perféct - Skin Food-with Ceramides

Immune Perfect 30ml Tube £38

Immune Perfect contains ceramides and high levels of naturally occurring vitamin E, acting identical to skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance.Clinical trials reveal 98% of women who tested FROWNIES Immune Perfect for 30 days saw a visible difference in texture, firmness and clarity of their skin. Skin trial participants said Immune Perfect was the best skin smoothing moisturizer they have every used. Immune Perfect is a gel cream with PLANT BASED ANTIOXIDANTS AND PEPTIDES. A supply of beneficial nutrients helps keep the skin hydrated and beautiful. Convenient tube for purse size.

Apply Immune Perfect at night on the entire face and neck area. Allow Immune Perfect to absorb into the skin before applying Frownies facial patches for deeper expression lines between the eyes and on the forehead or corner of the mouth and corner of the eyes. Also use Frownies Under the Eye Patches for dark circles, fine lines and puffy under eyes after the application of Immune Perfect*. 

What Organic Ingredients mean to you? No chemical reactions, and no photo-estrogen

  Aloe Vera Aloe contains over 75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids and salicylic acid. Aloe Vera helps with sunburn.

It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals quicker. Aloe moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion.

Aloe Vera gel contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Giberellin acts as a growth hormone stimulating the growth of new cells. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally. Aloe is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness, while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. Additionally, in Ayurvedic medicine Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.

For women who use mineral-based make-up, aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer and is great for the face prior to the application to prevents skin drying.

For men: Aloe Vera gel can be used as an aftershave treatment as its healing properties can treat small cuts caused by shaving.

Propanediol adds moisturizing benefits to the skin. Propanediol is used in place of propylene glycol in other synthetic products. Made from Corn sugars it boosts the skin's hydration and improves the moisture barrier of the skin to slow water loss. It's the breakdown of the skin's natural moisture barrier that is at the heart of all unhealthy skin as well as aging skin.

Oat Oil e Non GMO Avena Sativa Kernel Oil (Oat Oil e), Oat oil contain ceramides acting identical to skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance.

Oat Oil E is used for moisturizing and sunscreen , although we do not claim SPF . Its naturally occurring antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties make a wrinkle treatment and an anti-aging serums with anti-allergenic properties.

Oat oil is particularly high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phospholipids and mixed whole form tocopherols- vitamin E. Certified by Ecocert, COSMOS and NPA standards.

Melanin is an antioxidant that adds a slight tint to the skin, enhancing your natural color.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil. This exquisite oil provides a cornucopia of skin benefit. Containing over 98% long-chain fatty acids, this oil is a prized ingredient for skin which require a moisturizing and rejuvenating benefit. Leaving a silky and smooth feel to the face.

Non GMO Raphanus Sativus Seed Oil (Diakon Radish Seed Oil) Daikon Radish Oil gives a delicate slip and excellent silky application. Daikon Radish Seed Oil is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phospholipids and vitamin C. It feels delicate and non-greasy. Certified by Ecocert, COSMOS and NPA standards.

Rose Hip Seed Oil Rose Hip Seed Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Rosa Mosqueta. Rosa Mosqueta shrubs grow wild and include the rose species known as Rosa Canina and Rosa Rubiginosa.

For centuries, the Andean Indians of Chile have relied on the nutritive and anti-inflammatory benefits of Rosa Mosqueta Oil (Rose Hip Seed Oil) within their traditional medicinal, skin and hair care regimens.

Rose Hip Seed Oil possesses a unique nutrient profile that includes Vitamins A (retinol) and E. These vitamins, in conjunction with its content of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, make it an ideal ingredient for skin care.

The numerous anti-aging benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil have been scientifically demonstrated. The oil is acclaimed for its ability to regenerate skin cells, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, and improve skin color and tone.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is stable, highly penetrating oil that leaves no greasy residue. The natural content of Vitamin A increases cell turnover and accelerates skin regeneration. These properties make Rose Hip Seed Oil ideal for anti-aging , the treatment of damaged skin cells including burns and scars.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, it can be effective in acne and Rosacea.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Its noteworthy content of anti-oxidants including Vitamin E helps to brighten the skin and reduce skin discoloration.

Aspen Bark Extract is a powdered extract from the bark of the Aspen tree. It is a 100%, natural, preservative alternative. Being very high in natural salicylates (salicylic acid), for natural preservation system, with the benefit of pore refinement and acne control.

Panicum Miliaceum (Millet) Seed Extract, Botanical silicon from millet promotes the production of elastic tissue, resulting in a more homogeneous skin appearance and a reduction of wrinkles and lines

Tannic Acid (oak extract), - gall nut and oak tannins to tone and tighten the skin. Naturally concurring polyphenols act as antioxidants and have an astringent affect on the skin, tightening and lifting the skin. Studies showed a noticeable difference in 80% of people in less than 30 days. 


PLANT BASED ANTIOXIDANTS AND PEPTIDES from the below natural plant based ingredients.
TINTED GEL CREAM/with MELANIN, adds a slight tint your natural skin color. Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Fermented Corn Propanediol, Oat Kernel Oil, Melanin, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Radish Seed Extract, Rosehip Seed Oil, Aspin Bark Extract, Glycerin, Millet Seed Extract, Tannic Acid oak and gull nut extract, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Xanthan Gum, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut)   

Q: What does Melanin do?
A: Melanin is one of the strongest anti-oxidants that fights free radical damage. Melanin protects the DNA of the cell from dangerous UV rays.

Q: Can Immune Perféct be used around my eyes?
A: Yes, Immune Perféct can effectively be used on any part of the face or neck.

Q: Can Immune Perféct be used on oily skin?
A: Yes, Immune Perféct helps build the lipid layer of the skin and slow down excess oil production.

Q: At what age should I start using Immune Perféct ?
A:  As soon as you expose the skin to UV rays or environmental pollutants.

Q: Can I use it under my current skin products?
A: Yes, but be sure to apply Immune Perféct first in order to receive the benefit of deep cellular penetration.

Q: Can I use Immune Perféct and Immune Shield under Frownies?
A: Yes, but be sure to let it absorb into the skin for 10-15 minutes before applying Frownies.

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