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Eye Lid Concerns

Loose eye lid skin and dryness causes an aged appearance on the face. Turn the Under Eye Gel Patch over and use it on the eye lid. It is best left on for 30 minutes, apply with the head tilted back until it adheres to the eye lid.

Frownies’ Under Eye treatment Patches, contains immune building properties that help to firm skin, reduce fine lines and normalize skin coloration, making it possible to reverse the premature signs of aging. When used in combination with Frownies’ Immune Shield on eye lids you can expect to see, lasting improvement. The combination of Frownies Under Eye Patch and Immune Shield will help lighten dark spots and improve coloration, giving you anti-aging immune support.

When applying Immune Shield to the eye lid first place a small drop on the pads of a finger and apply a small amount to the eye lid area. (Do not get Immune Shield in your eyes use only a small amount) Flush eyes with water if you do get any product in the eyes.

Place the gel patch back into tray after use and wet with Rose Water Hydrating Spray to extend the life of the patch by keeping it moist between treatments. (caution other toners and body sprays may dissolve the patch) Place the tray with patch in a sealed package and store in the refrigerator.

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