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Dry Skin

Balance pH

FROWNIES pH Balancing Complexion Wash has natural ingredients that cleanse the skin. Clean skin is visibly radiant and younger looking skin. An effective facial wash should be both gentle enough to use daily and strong to remove pollutants, cosmetics and exfoliate dead cells. Too aggressive and abrasive exfoliation on aging skin can cause redness and blotchy skin.

The skin should have a perfect pH balance of 5.5. When the skin is in balance fewer problems appear. The skin is the body’s first line of defense and is part of the immune system. A healthy glow on the facial skin indicates a healthier immune system. It is critical to consider you appearance part of your overall health.

Moisturize and Provide Anti-oxidants

As we age the skin becomes thinner and dryer showing expression lines more easily. After you cleanse your face providing moisture and antioxidants helps protect against fine lines from dry skin and build skin health. Immune Perféct will provide lasting hydration and defense throughout the day to prevent dry skin issues. Immune Perféct antioxidant treatment will hydrate and provide active antioxidants leaving you with beautiful skin. Skin care products take two avenues to hydrate the skin; one occludes or seals off the surface of the skin to stop moisture loss but this interferes with skin health. Immune Perféct provides cellular hydration lasting up to 18 hours, leaving your skin soft and silky.

Pollutants cause oxidation damage on the surface of the face. Oxidation is rust on metal and on the face it etches away at the smooth surface on the skin. Frownies Immune Perféct contains biologically active ingredients that stop and repair damage to the skin cells while it stops dry skin. Start using Immune Perféct today and you will hear comments about your beautiful skin in twenty one days or less.

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