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Deep Wrinkles

deep wrinkles Frownies Overnight Patches are an anti-aging wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical cause of deep lines and wrinkles in the skin and muscle. Wrinkle creams alone can not address the depth of the lines in the skin and muscles. Frownies Patches are made from a special weighted paper with a starch based adhesive. Frownies are applied to the forehead wrinkles between the eyes and across the forehead as well as the crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes and marionette lines at the corners of the mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed, wrinkle free appearance. Frownies, traditional patch works at night to eliminate skin wrinkles in fact, allows the deep expression lines to heal leaving, relaxed- younger looking clear skin.

Continual repetitive motions such as frowning, squinting, smiling, etc. cause damage to the facial tissue supporting the epidermis (visible layer of the skin). This is when some women try Botox®.

Over time, this damage deepens and cause heavy sagging at the deepest part of the wrinkle. Frownies overnight skin treatment can help you avoid Botox® and other surgical procedures to correct skin wrinkling.

before and after These amazing results were achieved after using Frownies every night for only 4 weeks. More results can be expected with continued use and may vary from one person to the next. Add wrinkle gel cream Immune Perféct to the skin as an anti-wrinkle companion.

More Before and After Pictures

Wrinkled Skin
Wrinkled Skin 
with Patch Applied
Wrinkle Free Skin
After Frownies Patch
Wrinkled Skin
Wrinkled Skin with Frownie
Unwrinkled Skin

There is a solution to this age-old problem of wrinkled skin. Frownies wrinkle treatment patches form a splint holding the visible layer of skin smooth and flat overnight while the skin cells reposition themselves supporting the natural, smooth, younger-looking skin.

How soon will skin wrinkles be gone?

You will see an improvement the first night but it is not lasting; this is a training process. You see continual lasting results with continual use.

Fine Forehead Lines

If the lines are just beginning to show on the face you can use Frownies overnight patch 3 to 4 night and eliminate the appearance of the line. Then wait until they reappear usually 4 to 6 weeks. A box of 144 patches will last you a year and you will never be tempted to use Botox®

Deep Frown Lines

Initially, most people find they need to use wrinkle treatment patches every night for three to four weeks, some people more, some people less, depending on how marked the lines are. Used not only at night, but during suitable periods of the day (when reading, gardening, viewing TV or driving) you can expect to see a distinct improvement in deep wrinkles within a few weeks.

After using Frownies even one night, you will notice the disappearance of facial wrinkles lines by morning. By evening a reappearance of the lines may occur, depending on the depth of the lines and the day you have had. However, the more nights you are able to train your facial muscles with Frownies, the sooner results will begin to last all day. When you do not see the lines return by evening you do not need to wear FROWNIES patch. Everyone needs a different maintenance routine. The longer you wait the deeper the lines are getting and the harder they are to reverse.

Training Facial Muscles

Women have reported applying Frownies for 30 minutes or more, as they prepare for their evening activities, helps to relax and smooth their lines.

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